Why Do Vet Visits Have To Be So Stressful For My Bird?

Blue throated macaw

Q: If a vet always has to take blood to know what is wrong with a bird, then why do they do a physical exam at all? Drawing blood is fast, but the exam just stresses my bird out so much.

Connor N., Bowling Green, KY

A: Vet visits can be stressful for a bird, but all parts of it are necessary to really determine your bird’s health. And because they are stressful, it makes sense that your vet be as thorough as possible so that you don’t need to ...


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Keeping a Parrot Journal

Rose Breasted Cockatoo

I have mentioned in past posts how useful it is to have a faithfully kept journal to refer back to in times when you feel at a loss about a particular behavior your parrot is exhibiting.   Spring is coming, and the hormones will soon be raging.  A parrot’s behavior can be so perplexing during this time that I have often referred to last year’s journal to see what craziness was present, as well as refreshing my memory about changes in eating an sleeping patterns.  This is a great ...

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