Telling The Difference Between Our Camelot Macaws

Photo provided by Mirror Lake Exotics
Location: Florida
Shown: 3 camelot macaws related “Tusa”, Unknown, “Comet”

Someone asked me recently how to tell the difference visually between our two camelot macaw brothers; Comet and Tusa.


When camelot macaws are bred, they come out in 3 color variations (shown above), either yellow-dominant, red-dominant or a blue/green-dominant. Our boys are the yellow-dominant (Comet) and the blue/green-dominant (Tusa). They are only days apart, and Comet is surprisingly the elder.


Photo by Jamieleigh
Location: Ft Myers, FL
Eatin’ peas: Camelot macaws “Tusa” & “Comet”


Both Comet and Tusa have bright orange chests, so from the front view the only way to tell is the tops of their heads and slight coloration you get from their wings.


Comet has a light green color on the head followed by his bright yellow color and eventually blue wing tips. While Tusa’s head is primarily a green/blue color. Even their eye color varies a bit. Comet’s is a yellow color while Tusa’s is a super light blue. So light it almost is white with a bare tint of blue.


Photo by Jamieleigh
Location: Moab, UT
Pictured: Camelot macaws “Tusa” and “Comet”

Once you know what to look for, they are pretty easy to tell apart! We named Tusa after the dive gear (so think… blue as in ocean dive gear!) and Comet after his fire-y look of orange and yellow. Comet reminds us of a really big sun conure.

The easiest way to tell their differences is definitely by their backs, especially in flight or just hanging out as this picture shows…

Photo by Dave
Location: Orlando, FL
Shown: Camelot macaws “Tusa” and “Comet” (and the beak of blue throated macaw “Jinx”)

The hardest view to tell the two apart is definitely from the front. The only good picture I could find is one from Christmas years ago when they were still messy and hand feeding… but it definitely shows how alike they look from the front!

Photo by Jamieleigh
Location: Sagle, ID
Shown: Camelot macaws “Tusa” and “Comet”

From the front all you have going for you are the slight color variations on their heads and wings, along with their slight eye color difference as well.

Hopefully that helps most of you be able to tell them apart in pictures and video! Happy flying!

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