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I just can’t get over how cute this bird is… this is Bondi and she knows the “Mailbox Routine” taught in our Parrot Magic Newsletter, she also knows most of the other tricks as well! Including hanging upside down like a bat, a magic card trick, the issue all about flight training even the hardest birds… etc… she’s got it all down and it’s so cute to see how excited she gets to show you how well she knows something!


The mailbox routine is not only an adorable trick, but it’s an actual routine which is so much more fun and intricate, which makes it more fun to train and more rewarding to accomplish, too!


Bondi’s favorite part of the whole routine is probably “accidentally” putting holes in the letter she’s about to mail but also… putting up the flag! She LOVES putting up the flag and it is by far her favorite part of the whole routine.

She not only carries the letter over to the mailbox and puts it in, but she closes the mailbox AND puts up the flag in this trick. How cool is that?

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jayda lane

Bondie is sooo sweet send her my love xoxoxoxoxoxox

jayda lane

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