The Clicker Game

The goal of the exercise I’m about to show you is to demonstrate how difficult it is for your parrot to understand what the hell you want him/her to do when training a new behavior.

At our live 2 day Total Transformation Parrot Training Seminar we decided to put two audience members up on stage and asked them to do something for Chet, but there was a twist.

We couldn’t flat out tell them what we wanted in a common verbal language.

Think about that for a second…

If you had to ask a HUMAN friend of yours to do a favor for you, and you couldn’t use the ENGLISH language, how would you do it?

Well it turns out that’s exactly what we have to do with parrots.

We can do it.  But we have to play by a different set of rules if we want to be successful.

Training becomes our language, doesn’t it?

That’s what this video is about! Please watch it and then leave a comment about any revelations you had after watching the video.

Clicker Training Humans – The Clicker Game

If you’re into stuff like this, and the more ADVANCED side of parrot training and animal psychology, you should look into our Advanced Parrot Training Seminar DVD Series.

There are a lot of things going on inside the brain and body of a parrot that need to be understood if you want to take the relationship you have with your bird to the next level, and that is what this Seminar focused on.

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Maria Serwacki

Not long after inheriting our orange winged Amazon parrot Merlin 25 years ago we realized he enjoyed watching TV, especially certain music programs. We eventually put the Disney channel on for him and found he had favorite shows. They have ranged from Mickey Mouse to Rollie Pollie Ollie and Bear in the Big Blue House. His most favorite show now is 3rd & Bird; cartoon birds singing and dancing. He screams along with the songs and makes a lot of sound effects. His favorite charactor is Muffin, the little girl bird. At first he would get right up next to the screen when she was on.My husband has taped many hours of the show so he has endless entertainment when we are not arround. This may help people with bored birds.

Maria Serwacki

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