Upside Down Birds! – Photo Contest November 2014

Birds, because they have wings, have a special relationship with gravity. They don’t have to live with a fear of falling so we often find them in many precarious positions. Active birds spend a lot of time upside down – some even sleep that way! Our contest this month is all about the fearless upside down bird!

The Rules

The photos may show your bird hanging from an object or a person. There are only two rules qualifying the photos for this contest:

  1. Photos MUST NOT show birds in dangerous situations (such as hanging from other pets or from or above something dangerous).
  2. Photos MUST clearly demonstrate that the bird is actually upside down and that the photo has not been edited and rotated.

Upload your picture(s) of your upside down birds to the comments section of the photo album for this contest. THIS LINK will take you directly there. This works better than posting photos to our timeline because sometimes they can be overlooked if the page has a lot of activity. All photos must be submitted by Saturday, November 29rd, 2014 at 9AM EST. There will be two winners this month and the contest will be  judged by Birdtricks blogger Monique, who works in parrot rescue in South Africa. The winners will be announced on November 30th.

The Prize!!

Our sponsor this month is Solar Diamond Studio who will be donating 2 hand sculpted hanging ornaments that will be custom made to the specifications of each of the winners. The customization can include painting your bird from provided photos, flower selection and color and personalized engraving on the back that might give your bird’s name, hatch date or adoption date.
These will make wonderful Christmas tree ornaments (you might choose to add Christmas-y details to your ornament) OR something for year-round display. Here are some examples of Janalyn Woodbury’s excellent work:

Break out your cameras everyone! Have fun and be safe!

Patty Jourgensen specializes in avian health, behavior and nutrition and has been working with and caring for rescue birds since 1987.

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