When Parrots ATTACK Each Other: Training Solutions

The follow up to this video is unexpectedly in my mystery box video. I wasn't expecting it, but like I demonstrate in this video on the page, solutions and situations just kind of evolve for me. I do what I feel instinctively might work or that I think has the potential to change the dynamic positively and I go from there and continue adapting and changing. 

If you don't want to watch the follow up here is what happened:

I took Comet out of the aviaries to go on a fall photoshoot with me. After putting him in my car, I thought, maybe Tusa and Jinx will get along in a divided aviary now that Comet isn't present. So I tried it, watched them for a while, nothing happened and figured it was good and went on my photoshoot. I brought Comet back after the shoot and put him in the far right enclosure and still the dynamic stayed positive. I was so thrilled! It's a huge victory for me after going through this insanely tense training in the video above! 

I hope to have training footage from doing this same sort of process with two Swainson toucans before the end of the year if I can locate the footage. 

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PLEASE HELP! I originally housed a Pionus, Conure, and Indian Ringneck in the same large enclosure for Years without issue. Now my IR nearly tore of the tail of my Pionus. They are now separated. But what the hell happened and Why?


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