Why Your Parrot Needs Many Types of Perches

I brag about Theo, my goffins cockatoo, all the time.  She is so darn cute, it’s really hard not to. I took a picture of her for my friends on a parrot talk forum with sweet potato all over her beak – always good for a laugh.  When I enlarged the photo, I noticed a sore on her foot. I posted the photo, but the focus was now on her feet.

The sore is the red spot below her back two toes, before the joint.

I felt pretty sure it was a pressure ...

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Homemade Cockatiel Seed and Grain Mix Recipe

Did you know that there are no laws or restrictions governing the production of commercial seed mixes?? That means that everything from the quality of the grains used to chemical additives goes without supervision. Did you ever notice the handful of “dust” at the bottom of your pre-packaged mix? While a certain amount of dust is to be expected ...
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Sprouting 101

Recently people have been showing a lot of interest in sprouting for their parrots, which we love because it is something we have been recommending for years. Of course there are a lot of “how to do it” questions…but also “why to do it” - so let’s start there.  Sprouts added to our Seasonal Feeding System   It would be reasonable for you to wo...
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Blueberry's Tiny Bird Seed Mix

Before we get into the subject matter of this post, let’s take a minute to talk about seed in the parrot diet… In the wild, every parrot species consumes seed daily. It has many health benefits, which will be discussed further down, and yet in the world of companion parrots, it is utterly vilified.  The concerns are not without merit, however. ...
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Why Do Birds Need Pellets?

  If you are paying attention to your bird’s diet (and I know you are because you are reading this) you know that proper diet is crucial to a parrot’s health. The nutrients packed into a science-based vegetable diet like BirdTricks’ Seasonal Feeding System will not only maintain good health but will ward off future problems: the fact is, the ma...
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Cold Weather Skin And Feather Care | Using Aloe on Parrots

The winter months are some of the driest months of the year. Not only are the natural humidity levels typically down during these months, but heating systems further deplete the air of moisture. The result can be dry, itchy skin for everyone – humans and parrots alike. Typically, when our skin gets dry, we grab some hand or body lotion. But whe...
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