5 Mistakes That Will MESS UP Your Relationship With Your Bird

The 5 major mistakes made in this video:

1. Encouragement placed at the wrong moment.

2. Using the same language/cue for multiple behaviors.

3. Accidental bridging (bridging is marking the exact moment in time with either a clicker or the words "good girl" that the bird did the behavior you want to see repeated.)

4. Not properly catching Morgan, resulting in her becoming easily off balance as well as each catch being so different that there's no consistency (can result in both a lack of trust and interest.)

5. Not properly reading body language and otherwise a lack of communicating and being able to adjust to the bird.

When working with a bird for the first time, it's important to be consistent for clear communication.

Keep in mind, this video is Patty's second EVER session with Morgan. Yes, she had her for 4-5 months previously, but actually working on changing the way she communicates with her... this is her second time trying. 

Here at BirdTricks we believe so strongly in sharing mistakes so that everyone can learn much more effectively. Mistakes are not something to be ashamed of, but something to simply learn from and GROW. 

To continue following the progress of Morgan's series, view her playlist

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