A Glimpse Into Our Lives

We're often asked to share more of what our actual lives look like - being in the world of entertainment, our world is entirely unpredictable. We often take aspects of it and apply it to our bird ownership. 

The first video on this article is what it looks like to prep for and take a 3-day road trip. We knew we had to drive 30 hours total, so we took our time and decided on a 10 hour goal each day. This gig requires less of us than usual, usual being we would ideally include our birds but on this trip I was relieved not to have them with us because of the cold weather temperatures. I like not having to worry about their well-being, as much as I love their constant company. 

This next video shows what it takes for us to settle in (ha!), rehearse and actually perform. Each performance is different based on all the factors that create it. For example, we had never worked for the Shriner's before so this gig was a one-off and a first time. However, we did know some of the performers from previous gigs which made some of the transition easier. 

Helping our daughter to adapt to each new environment each gig brings us, is the biggest challenge yet because we normally don't have much time TO adapt. She took about 1-2 days, we were there for only four. We try to make it as enjoyable for her as possible within her comfort levels, while still pushing her a bit outside those comfort levels every once in a while in a way that hopefully won't entirely overwhelm. 

Then coming home - which did not go anywhere close to planned! That happens too, and luckily our schedule allotted for it to work out ok. 

I never wake up our birds to tell them we're home. We got in around 2am or so, and I just do my thing and say hello to them in the morning. This was originally a 10 day trip, but turned into around a 13-14 day trip with breaking down in Montana. Still, the birds seemed to not hold any grudges which is always a welcoming surprise. 

We will continue to try to continue Vlogging about our lives in this crazy world of being entertainers, although sometimes it feels like things happen so fast I never had a chance to bring out the camera! 

To learn more about what it is we do, check out www.David-DaVinci.com. 

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