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Photo by Dave Location: Nampa, ID Flying in: Camelot Macaw "Comet"

I get asked a lot about our freeflight course, and for a price breakdown as well as scheduling you can email info@birdtricks.com. Once you're serious about taking the course and signing up, they will pass you onto me.

Right now the course is personally coached by Dave Womach, bird trainer, and we accept people from all over the world... this means you international folks, too!

Currently with our crazy busy traveling schedule we only take on 3 flight students at a time. The course lasts around 3 months depending on your situation with your bird and how dedicated to the training you are. 3 months is average but we've had students complete the course in less as well... it really varies on your situation.

Photo by Enrique Location: Nampa, ID Freeflying: Galah "Bandit", Blue throat macaw "Jinx", Camelot macaw "Comet"

With our course you can train your existing bird as long as he/she has all their flight feathers in. If your bird is clipped there is work you can start on while he's clipped but you can't move progressively forward in the course without having your bird fully flighted.

We prefer people enter the world of freeflight with a new bird instead of their existing bird for a number of reasons. One being that most people can't fathom taking their current baby outside so it's nice to get into a new bird with the right mindset that you're going to take your bird outside. Two is there is more room for error when you start with a baby bird (on your part) and everything happens more easily and naturally because you're working along the course of nature... baby birds are naturally going to want to fly and will be experimenting like you will want so it just comes easier and more naturally.

If you decide to start with a new bird we are happy to help you find the right one and choose the right species. Honestly, the bigger the better for freeflight. We don't recommend teaching parrots like cockatiels or smaller for outdoor freeflight as they are pretty much hawk bait.

Photo by Dave Location: Nampa, ID Freeflying: Rose Breasted Cockatoo "Bondi"

The course is taught via weekly phone consultations with Dave and constant video interaction (we use Skype as well as sending video files back and forth from which we send you an HD Flip Video camera when you enroll in the course along with all the other training supplies you'll need to begin)

This is why we can teach internationally as well.

We always have a freeflight trip planned so our graduating students are invited out to fly with us for the first time at the end of their course so that we can be there to "hold your hand" so to speak on your very first outdoor flight. We also will be sure to catch it all on video and in pictures so you have a keepsake and all students are welcome to film and video whatever they want. We will normally spend about 7-10 days freeflying on this type of trip so how long you stay is up to you.

Photo by Jamieleigh Location: Nampa, ID Pictured: Galahs "Bondi" and "Bandit"

You'll need to devote at least 15 minutes a day training your bird for this course and you will not be expected to take your bird outside unless you want to. This course is mainly to train parrots in the event it accidentally gets out that you are able to get it back. If you want to continue for outdoor flight, like I said, we offer it so that you do that first outside flight with us and all the training will get you there whether you decide to go outside with your bird or not.

Freeflight is more of a lifestyle than anything else and much is put into it. Because it's an information based course, we collect payment for it all up front before we begin training you. We are giving you the knowledge and information you will need to do this and you can then do it with ANY bird by applying what you learn to your other birds. This is only a one time fee for our time and information... the possibilities are endless once you've gained it all.

Once graduated from the course you are constantly updated on our freeflight trips and welcome to join us to fly your bird along with ours in whatever part of the country we pick that year!

Again, for pricing and scheduling email info@birdtricks.com to get started and reserve your spot. We are hoping to come up with a format to be able to allow us to take on more students at a time other than 3 every 3 months... hopefully that will happen mid-2012.

Article by Jamieleigh Womach. She has been working with parrots and toucans since the age of 17. She isn’t homeless but is home less than she prefers to be. She travels the world with her husband, daughter, and a flockful of parrots whom she shares the stage with.

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