Crashing During Flight Training: The Important Lessons

Reminder: Morgan is a 7 year old camelot macaw with a foot defect she was hatched with.

To catch up with Morgan's story, please click here

Lessons from this video:

  • Always end the session on a positive note and while the enthusiasm is still high! 
  • Crashing is part of the learning process - just like a toddler looks to its parents for how to respond - stay calm and collected and re-build the confidence through skills your bird already has before progressing forward. 
  • Flying around corners, through door ways and coming to you when you call from out of sight are MUST-HAVE skills for any parrot you want to fly outdoors. A bird has to learn how to properly navigate and adjust in flight. 
  • Keep flying fun and associated positively so your bird WANTS to do it. Don't fly your bird until it's too tired to fly anymore - end about 4-5 flights before that point. 
  • Make sure to vary up the flights. Don't always fly your bird in only one direction - make sure the bird is truly mastering the space by flying in all directions confidently. 

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