How a Training Pouch SAVED My Training Sessions

First off, this is not an ad for this training pouch but seriously, it saved our training sessions recently. 

MANY people fumble or lack coordination in holding treats, a clicker, a target stick, more treats... and then being able to actually use each of those tools successfully and timely! 

I've heard of people attaching a clicker permanently to a target stick, or using a rubber band while others use a variety of pockets. 

Getting Patty to use the clicker and target stick were struggles of mine. By simply keeping the stick in her back pocket, I was able to get her to consistently implement targeting over luring. But there was still the issue of the clicker... 

I decided to get her this training pouch. It made a world of difference once she began using it. 

My hard lessons for Patty:

>>>Letting Morgan tell her when she wants to train, and LISTENING to it. <<<

One of the overall harder hurdles we've had between Patty and Morgan is Patty making Morgan do what she wants to do, instead of listening to Morgan's body language and letting her win more often. 

The more you let your bird say no, the more it will say yes. Remember? 

Adjust, adapt, respect. 

Give your bird a CHOICE. The more often you do, the more often it will choose you. 

It's more of the same from last time, but I feel like I am finally seeing steps in the right direction to get us there. 



I found with my birds that the word “Up” worked really well when I wanted them to come to me. I didn’t know if you had tried to employ this command into your training or not. :)


I wanna know where y’all found the awesome retractable clicker!

Grant Reville

Hi Guys , love getting emails from you. I live a wee bit away from you. I live in New Zealand. I never use a clicker , i dont give any treats while training ever. How ever , i do give a treat after we have finished and left the training room. When my birds do something correct , i jump about , clap my hands and yell loudly , wave my arms etc etc. This works fantastic on my budgie as he loves the noise and excitement. He learnt to spin toys , shake hands , step up, and remain in one place until i call him. The budgie is far more intelligent than people realise. The budgie also talks and has around 30 different sentences. I also have an female Alexandrine , she also never gets treats until we have finished , billy earnt each trick in only one lesson , and he has never forgotten any of them. I have had him 5 years. For some reason i just have a natural respect and never get annoyed if the alexandrine gets bored , or doesn’t feel like learning. She learns so well i have thought her to only make loud noises if i am in the room or she is outside. she is not allowed to make any noise if am am in the bedroom. Keep up the great work , birds are fantastic animals. Warm regards from NZ —Grant

Grant Reville

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