Jinx Taught Morgan to Talk!

My blue throated macaw, Jinx, taught my friend's camelot macaw, Morgan, to talk! How cute is this?!

If you need help teaching your birds to talk, we have a talking course available here. Because parrot owners usually want their birds to stop screaming, we have paired these two behaviors together to bring you a more rounded course - not only can you teach talking but you can also use it as a replacement for screaming! Stop Screaming, Start Talking!

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Hi there, I don’t know if you’re aware of the situation, but someone named Mark Parker is accusing the person who is in current care of Morgan of stealing her on the PNW Birds page on facebook (the page is private, but it isn’t difficult to join). I don’t know what the real story is, but just wanted to let you know as I’m sure you do not want to get involved, or if you do, to at least be aware of the situation.


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