Remember to Take a Day Off Training (or More)

It feels like weeks have gone by to me, but its just been day by day... so day 12 got its own video. 

There are numerous reasons to take breaks from formal training. I was just in a funk that happened to coincide with when I thought Morgan might need a physical break from working muscles that have not been worked on a consistent basis in the past. 

Often times I feel like birds need a chance to think on something, or sleep on it. I know if I have a chance to mull something over in my mind, or rehearse in my head, I often come back performing way better. 

Taking your bird out and asking NOTHING of it is a great change of pace when you're training for something and need a change of scenery. 

I felt like coming back from our day off of training was invaluable. Morgan responded so well and took on so many new challenges. Normally I wouldn't throw so many new things in a single day, but she kept taking all of them on with no issue that I just kept going with it. Until my better half (Dave) suggested I stop... and even then, I pushed another 3 times before doing so. I couldn't conquer my own excitement! 

My future plans with Morgan: 

  1. Keep building strength and stamina through consistent flights each day that move all around my open living area. (This is teaching her confidence in her abilities, creating a stronger bond with me, keeps her mentally engaged and gets her used to working with her disability instead of against it.) 
  2. Taking days off to recover and just hang out with her and let her hang out on her own and self-entertain. (This teaches her to be confident by herself, and allows us to get to know one another on other levels, as well as have our space from one another so we can be excited to see one another again.)
  3. Perhaps more socialization with my macaws? This depends on the whole jealousy factor now that she is flying. I don't want any unhealthy competition. (If this goes well, however, it could be a good way of a different type of mental engagement and enrichment, and can implement some observational learning.) 
  4. Allow Patty to develop her own relationship through basic care (feeding, cage cleaning, and spending time solo with Morgan.) we've actually already been implementing this but obviously I can't video it... so I just want this to continue in a positive direction. 

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