The Big Day: Will Morgan Choose Her Trainer Over Her Owner?!

The day is finally here - asking Morgan to fly to her current owner over her trainer for the past 2 weeks and 6 days, Jamieleigh. 

Her owner, Patty has had Morgan for 4-5 months and in that time had her toe amputated and toweled Morgan to give her meds for two weeks. 

Her trainer, Jamieleigh, has had Morgan 2.5 weeks and has become her favorite person in one day, and created a clear language of communication that Morgan has never had before from the basics of stepping up to flight training. 

Who will Morgan "choose"? We definitely laid all the ground work, didn't we? If you missed how we prepared for this moment, read the article here: Transferring the Bond of Parrot to Someone Else

Honestly, the hardest part from here is going to be for Patty to remain as consistent as I have regarding clear communication through training with Morgan. 

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