Training Sessions That Lead to BREAKTHROUGHS!

Does everyone else feel the new energy about Patty?!

Patty still struggles with:

  • Pulling the treat away when it's in sight and in reach of the bird
  • Using luring over training/teaching 
  • Backing up for flights at the wrong time (do this when the bird is about to take off, before the bird takes off or when the bird just takes off but NEVER when the bird is ABOUT to land on you.) 
  • Not always catching Morgan consistently

However, the new energy of this session gave us the momentum we needed to push us right into our next-day BREAKTHROUGH session!

You can check it out below...

No one gets it right 100% of the time, not even TRAINERS! Keep that in mind when your failures are getting to you and remember to set yourself up for success.

Even I misread Morgan's intentions. I thought she wanted me. But she really just wanted to TRAIN with me. I should have known because that is the only relationship I have with her. We don't just "hang out". So it only makes sense, right?  

Morgan didn’t see me as a reward as much as wanting to train with me when she was bored training with Patty. So that was a huge realization!

Patty worked on the bad habits of:

  1. Over-using luring (the bird learns nothing)
  2. Troubleshooting when she got stuck on what to do
  3. Remembering targeting can save her more than luring can
  4. Keeping the training sessions FUN!!!

I’m also able to intro the clicker, and soon I am hoping Patty will be ready to insert the cue “Morgan” as I was when she flies to her.

We are finally incorporating the treat holder (we had failed attempts at this before) and the t-stand (we had failed at this before too) so these two implementations are incredibly powerful in changing the session.

I know many of you have suggested Patty do a session without me, my goal is to have her ready for solo sessions by the first week of March! I go out of the country so she has to be ready by then! (No pressure, ha!) 

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