Where Have We Been?

I realize I was pretty much MIA for 11 months straight - which means the entire BirdTricks clan was MIA since I usually post everything and encourage posting on the other team members' behalf! 

Well. I've been going through my Saturn Return to say the least. The above video describes why and oh, by the way, I am happy to be back 100%. So re-connect with us! 

Dave and I are now sharing our entire lives with our BirdTricks family and community by sharing every public appearance and upcoming show, our entire tour schedule (as scheduled events on our Facebook page) and linking all our social media outlets directly to you from our webpage. We're making it easier than ever to connect with us, follow us, meet us in person and request info! 

Tell us what your favorite outlet stream is. YouTube? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Live Stream? Other? We want to know and we want to help you with your parrot problems as much as possible. Don't be afraid to reach out, and to make sure we don't miss your message, you can email us directly at info@birdtricks.com. 

I'm happy to report we are finally HOME. A place we haven't been in a longggg while. Hopefully we are here to stay for a bit, at least more often in between gigs than usual... that's the goal, anyway. Although in the life of entertainment and stage, you just never know what's coming next. 

Here's a little glimpse at what it look to move ourselves from Moab, UT where we spent the summer performing back to our home in Idaho:

You'll get the most up-to-date updates via our YouTube channel but I eventually try to share those updates with the rest of our social media outlets! 

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