The Baby Bird Course

  • The Baby Bird Course
  • The Baby Bird Course
  • The Baby Bird Course
  • The Baby Bird Course
  • The Baby Bird Course
  • The Baby Bird Course


The Baby Bird Course


Success From
The Start

There is nothing quite like a baby bird. They are fluffy and cuddly and you just want to squeeze their little faces and soak up all their adorableness!! (If you can't tell, we love baby birds)

However, baby birds, as cute as they are, come with their own sets of needs and challenges. Working with a baby bird can be quite different than working with an adult bird, and those differences can be confusing to those who have not successfully worked with baby birds before.

Starting your baby bird off correctly from the beginning can make huge differences later on and set both you and your bird up for a lifetime of success.

Before getting too much in to this course and what it offers (which is a LOT), we do want to be very clear about what this course does NOT talk about so there is no confusion on who or what this course applies to. 

1) This course is NOT for baby birds right out of the egg. This course IS for birds who have been mostly weaned and are on 1, maybe 2 hand-feedings a day. 

2) This course is NOT about learning how to breed birds. We are not breeders and have no information on breeder birds. 

3) This course does NOT teach how to hand-feed. Hand-feeding is a technique that is best learned hands on from either a qualified breeder or avian vet. Not hand-feeding correctly can result in serious injury or death to a baby bird, so please make sure you are well versed in how to hand-feed if you are getting a baby bird, even if the breeder tells you it is fully weaned (it might regress).

So now that we've covered the few topics not in the course, let's talk about what is covered!

  • Lifestyle adjustments and how to make your house baby bird friendly 
  • Speaking in "absolutes"
  • First day home with your baby bird (one of my favorite days!)
  • How to teach your baby bird to accept treats
  • What tricks to teach and when to teach them
  • Adaptive conditioning
  • Fledging vs. Clipping
  • Baby bird cage environment changes
  • How to handle a regression to hand-feeding
  • How to diet convert onto healthy solid foods
  • Avoiding bad habits that would cause future problems
  • Positive interactions with your baby bird
  • Training styles and how to work with them
  • Desensitization training
  • Harness training your baby bird
  • and much more! 

If that seems like a lot of topics, you're right! We wanted this course to be a truly in-depth review of how to work with your baby bird so that you are set up for the best chance of success together.

This course also automatically includes some of our free PDF downloads such as A Guide to Weaning Baby Birds, Household Dangers, How to Forage, and our Weight Tracking Journal.

 Throughout this course, we do make reference to our seasonal feeding system quite often. We offer our seasonal feeding system within our Natural Feeding System cookbooks in digital form or in physical form.

We also feed all of our flock, including any babies, our Organic Pellets as they are made with the healthiest ingredients and are also cold pressed so they break apart easily. This is huge when working with baby birds since they are used to softer foods. Plus these pellets mix great with their formula or our seasonal feeding system during the transitioning period.


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!! Please Note - All products in this course are digital and will be available for you to download or stream. No physical copies will be shipped out upon purchase !!