A Quick Guide To Capturing

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  • A Quick Guide To Capturing


A Quick Guide To Capturing

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Capture It. 
Shape It. 
Show It Off.

These are the 3 steps we use when we want to capture unique behaviors that our birds do and put them on cue for the world to see!

What is Capturing? Capturing is taking a behavior that your bird does naturally and turning it into a trick that you can put on cue. Does your bird do an adorable head shake? Does your bird wave its wing in a cool way? Does your bird say funny phrases? All of those behaviors, and more, that your bird offers can be "captured" and put on cue.

Our Quick Guide to Capturing will take you through...

1) How to start the capturing process

2) How to shape a behavior

3) Explaining the begging phase and how to use it to your advantage

4) Allowing your bird to fail (necessary!)

5) Adding in a cue to show off your new trick

Capturing is NOT a quick process and you have to be careful about making sure that the behaviors you are putting on cue are not aggressive or anxious behaviors. 

If you put a behavior on cue that is the result of your bird feeling anxious or angry, you will be putting that emotion on cue as well and essentially rewarding for anxiety and aggression (not something you want to do!). 

If you want to learn more about capturing, here are some great video resources on YouTube...

Teaching My Macaw to Say Lots of Words!

Training My Macaw to Laugh

African Grey Parrot Learns to Shake Her Head "No"

If you want to learn more about training in general and how to get your bird motivated to train, check out our Beginner Level Course where we go over the foundations of training and diet which are essential to success with your bird!

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