every interaction is a training session.


- Mary Goodman

"I learned so much from One Day Miracles, it's a must for every parrot owner. The toys are truly the best I have bought at reasonable prices and are guaranteed to be SAFE. My two sun conures love them and most are long lasting with my birds. Thank you Bird Tricks."

- Sheri Smith

"Dave and Jamieleigh Womach taught me how to freestyle fly my Greenwing and Blue throat macaws. They did a great job even with miss stubburn Chex the Greenwing. They are wonderful people and take really good care of their birds as well as others. They are a book of knowledge. Have had great experiences with them flying the birds out in Moab, Utah!!"

- John Blon

"This training was well worth the money. Birds are a big investment in time and life... They’re pets you’re going to have for the rest of your life. To have a bird that’s mistrained and going to live unhappily for 100 years that’s sad for both you AND your bird. We’re considering getting a second rescue bird and applying these secrets."

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day one with a new bird