Can Parrots Talk on Cue? A Great Example!

More than likely at this point, you are well aware that parrots can talk, but many people don’t realize how easy it is to get your parrot to talk on cue (even if they only know a few words like our Cockatoo does).

Now, you don’t have to train them to be in a show, but imagine the fun you can have showing him off to your friends and family if your parrot can talk like this!

This footage was taken from our parrot training show, ParrotFX.  Bandit currently says just a handful of words in the show, and we’re expanding it every couple weeks.  It started with just a few words, and by the end of our season should have about a half dozen words on cue.  (Can you tell the next word we’re putting on cue is night-night?)

Can Your Parrot Talk Like This?  Want Him To?

If teaching your parrot to talk on cue like this sounds fun, it’s something we show you exactly how to do inside this program:






Teaching Your Parrot To Talk Training Program


Nancy McShane

When I am dressed and ready for work in my uniform, I always go in the bird room to say goodbye to everyone individually. Bella, my Sun Conure says…“Bye bye”, and Oatmeal, a Quaker, says…“Mommy’s Gotta Go!, Bye bye” They know! Lol… When I am giving kisses to Dar Dar, my U2, Oatmeal says, “Kiss…kiss”, Mommy’s Good!" I attended Chet and Dave’s Training Seminar in Orlando, and continue to learn, and enjoy tips from this medium. I had concerns because my U2 grinds his beak sometimes when we are together. I was happy to learn from Chet, it is not a bad thing!

Nancy McShane

Sounds to me like Sid is fearful of competition. notice that he does not question the techniques, but rather picks on something that has nothing to do with training the birds? People are allowed to have other businesses – Sid needs to be more positive and build people up, not tear them down.

Kristen deBlasi

They are a business and they need to make money. If their marketing works, good for them. I can’t believe that this is why anyone would choose not to support them. Not abuse or neglect or bad advice, just a few domain names? Come on. I have five birds in my flock and I have had several questions and concerns over the years. I’ve asked birdtricks to help me out and they’ve given me advice in a very timely fashion, free of charge. Their love for birds and passion for helping the avian community is so obvious. Would I let a bunch of domain names influence my high opinion of the womachs? Absolutely not. I’m glad for them that they’ve managed to make a living out of it. I’ve learned so much from them that has directly benefitted my flock and my family. And I have never spent a penny on their sites. Eventually I’ll buy a training program, but with the amount I have gained from them free of charge, I hope nobody buys into this crap. Ad mouthing them for marketing strategies. They’re wonderful. Thanks birdtricks!

Kristen deBlasi
Pearlie is another amazing cue’d up bird!


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