How Do I Get My Bird To Go Back In Its Cage Without Biting?!

We have MANY solutions for getting your bird to go back in its cage. I demonstrate some in the video above but remember, the enclosure your bird lives in should be a fun, enriching place for your bird to enjoy being. It should WANT to go back in it, spend time in it, but also want to spend time with you - sometimes it can be hard to find that balance. 

Here are some tips for encouraging your bird (and training it) to go back easily to its cage:

  • Don't use the cage as a place of "punishment", ever. 
  • Keep lots of food finding and shreddable toys inside the cage all the time for your bird to destroy and play with. 
  • Reward your bird every time it goes back easily with a treat in its dish. Soon, it will eagerly go to its dish and await its treat for a job well done. 
  • Schedule the time of going back in the cage around meal times. Our birds receive two meals per day, and in the morning I take them out before the meal is given to weigh them and they eagerly come out and they eagerly go back in as they know breakfast is coming! 

These are all tips I didn't mention in my video - so be sure to not only read this post but also watch the video for real time tips and techniques. 


Laurie Deaner

I don’t have trouble putting Cockatoo into the cage it’s closing and locking the door is when he lunges and tries biting. He’s food cups are full. What/how can I do this?

Laurie Deaner

my american gry bits me when she docent get her way, docent want to go home to cage, not chew the remote exc. and lunge bites out of the blue. what video should i buy. ps she is not a big treat bird so i tried clicker training but everytime i gave her the treat and clicked she dropped it and left, shell eat it if i don’t click please help


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