How Do I Get My Bird To Go Back In Its Cage Without Biting?!

We have MANY solutions for getting your bird to go back in its cage. I demonstrate some in the video above but remember, the enclosure your bird lives in should be a fun, enriching place for your bird to enjoy being. It should WANT to go back in it, spend time in it, but also want to spend time with you - sometimes it can be hard to find that ...
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The Importance Of Small Rituals With Pet Birds


Galahs/Rosebreasted Cockatoos, Merlin & Nemo investigating the eucalyptus tree in their aviary.


Recently, I’ve been noticeably quiet. I have had some health issues and I haven’t been able to do everything I would normally do in my everyday life, which has included everything I would normally do with my birds. As it turns out, I’ve been forced to learn that it isn’t easy to hand aspects of your birds’ everyday care over to someone else.


I’ve always considered myself lucky. I don’t live alone, I’m ...


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