Introducing The Newest Member of Mel’s Flock: a Baby Blue and Gold Macaw

Introducing Fid the Blue & Gold Macaw.

Well I have some exciting news. I seem to be the world’s luckiest girl as a friend has just done something absolutely incredible for me. A friend bought me a blue and gold macaw.  I’m finally able to tell people about it as he has just had his microchip done (he doesn’t like needles much!!!)

Fid at the vet, lying down, crying after having his microchip put in. Microchips are now small enough to put in with an injection.

As you all know, I wasn’t planning to add to my flock. Macaws in Australia aren’t common and don’t come cheap. As much as I’ve always loved macaws, it wasn’t even a consideration to add one to my flock. Although, I have to admit, I’ve had a tendency to visit a few very regularly at different pet stores over the years. It was something I had investigated but at the moment couldn’t afford, which was frustrating, as due to their lifespan – I’d rather have one join my flock while I’m younger.

Loves to lie on his back and cuddle

I found myself in a pet store (with a friend) investigating a larger bowl for my lorikeets to imitate goldfish in. As usual, I stopped to look at the birds. A macaw was calling me, the sales assistant said I could let him out of his cage; he then grabbed my chest, laid his head on my shoulder and said “Awwwwwwwwwww”. He was clinging there and gave me the world’s best cuddle. Like I said, it wasn’t a consideration, but my friend spotted an instant bond. We left the pet store without looking at the bowls because I couldn’t handle being there any longer. It was breaking my heart. Over the next few days I couldn’t get him out of my head. I even thought about selling my car… In the meantime, my friend made some enquiries and then asked me: “What if…”

Which is how Fid came to join my flock. He’s in quarantine at the moment, while I deal with the initial health check results. 

I’ve made a quick video blog so that you guys can actually see why I fell in love with him and see this weird instant trust thing we seem to have. I swear I’m the luckiest girl alive!

Since the above was filmed, I got some more results… Fid is a boy and is doing well!!!!

Mel Vincent works as an animal rehabilitator out of Australia.

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Pam Barker

Gorgeous!!!!!! What a lucky boy to have had you find him! I can see why you might be a bit ga-ga over him, who wouldn’t be? Congratulations! Keep us all updated on his progress!

Pam Barker

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