Introducing Aspiring Rescue Owner Sarah Stull

Macaw Feathers

Green-winged macaw feathers.


My flock started off rather by accident. Despite knowing what a bad idea it was, I ended up going into a pet shop near my university one day before a lesson. I saw two adorable wee canaries and had to have them. My boyfriend, Oliver, reluctantly agreed. How much trouble could two fluffy songbirds bring?

Quite a lot, as it turns out – though indirectly! It was through my belated in-depth research on canaries that I discovered parrots.

I knew right away ...

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Should Meat be Included in a Parrot’s Diet?

Congo African Grey Parrot

Q:  Is it safe to give my bird meat? -Joann, Athens, GA

A: Meat is not part of the natural diet of a parrot.  However, when offered a piece of chicken, many parrots will accept.  Offer them a cookie, they will do the same.  I think we all went to school with a kid that ate the paste that glued pieces of construction paper together.  I doubt that it was ever on the dinner menu at his house.  Just because a parrot (or kid) eats something, ...

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