Setting up an Outdoor Bird Aviary for Travel

Many of you asked to see us set up our traveling bird aviaries, to see how long it really takes and we tried to stretch out this time lapse as much as possible but it’s still under a minute! It really doesn’t take long at all, since we welded the sides together to make the process easier knowing that the cages would be set up and taken down weekly.

These outdoor aviaries are from Cages by Design and can be found here on their website.

For more aviary options, you can browse our Flickr photostream.

As you can see, one person can set these cages up by themselves, or you can make it easier and faster and use two.

Some exciting news I haven’t mentioned yet is that  these aviaries are going to be set up at Chet’s house for his parrots Tiko (blue and gold macaw) and Bean (rescued African Grey parrot) to use. We are really excited to see the effects the sunlight and aviaries will have on his parrots and looking forward to sharing both video and photos with you of the experience for those of you thinking about investing in an aviary yourselves!

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