Proper Caging For Parrots

Selecting and properly accessorizing your parrot’s cage is one of the most important things you will do for your new companion. The cage is your parrot’s home. It should be a place that offers both entertainment and a sense of security to your bird and should give you peace of mind knowing that your bird is safe when inside. A good quality cage ...
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Do You Break Bird Cage Wheels Frequently?


Here’s to that wonderful moment when a cage wheel snaps off and you can see another is about to follow the one that just rolled away…


I don’t know who started the trend of putting cheap castor wheels on the bottom of indoor bird cages but I think it’s safe to say that I have called that person every expletive I know (and a few I made up) on more than one occasion. I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in this. The wheels ...


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Selecting The Proper Indoor Parrot Cage

Male eclectus parrot (Pepi)

Have you ever blown an entire week’s wage on a new indoor cage for your parrot and then discovered that it sucks? I challenge anyone who has done that to refrain from complaining about it!
About 6 months ago, that’s exactly what happened to me. I decided to ‘upgrade’ my male eclectus parrot’s cage. Stainless steel cages aren’t readily available in Australia, so his old cage was a powder coated one. Unfortunately, they ...


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How to Construct Your Own Large Toucan Aviary

Toucan Aviary (divided into three sections) for 3 toco toucans


These aviaries were specifically designed for 3 adult toco toucans. Toucans and parrots vary from their extremely different variations of diet to what they can play with and/or destroy. What works for toucans may not be safe and may not work for parrots.


Chrissann from Adventures in Toucanland was kind enough to share how she and her boyfriend David created their aviaries for their three toco toucans on a little island in the Caribbean.


Side view ...

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Setting up an Outdoor Bird Aviary for Travel


Many of you asked to see us set up our traveling bird aviaries, to see how long it really takes and we tried to stretch out this time lapse as much as possible but it’s still under a minute! It really doesn’t take long at all, since we welded the sides together to make the process easier knowing that the cages would be set up and taken down weekly.

These outdoor aviaries are from Cages by Design and can be found here on their website.

For more aviary options, you can browse our Flickr photostream.

As you ...

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Aviary Placement

Hyacinth Macaw

Ok, you have finally picked out the perfect type of outdoor aviary for your parrot to spend his days basking in the sun and taking in all the outdoor sights and sounds….let me just say Congratulations on making one of the most important decisions you can make for your pet parrot!!!!

I’m sure you have some toys and some really exciting ideas for decorating your birds new “outdoor” world. You are now completely excited and just can’t wait for the day it arrives and you can put it together and get ...

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