When Parrots ATTACK Each Other: Training Solutions

The follow up to this video is unexpectedly in my mystery box video. I wasn't expecting it, but like I demonstrate in this video on the page, solutions and situations just kind of evolve for me. I do what I feel instinctively might work or that I think has the potential to change the dynamic positively and I go from there and continue adapting...
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BTT: Your Go-To on Troubleshooting Clicker Training & Target Training Problems

Told ya I wouldn’t be the screen capture this week!

This video was inspired by the loss of our best Spreecast video we had ever made, and we answered soooo many issues people were having regarding hurdles they couldn’t jump over with clicker training and target training. So here it is, to stay this time!

We answer things like:

1. What if your bird is too distracted to train?

2. What if your bird flies off when you want to train it?

3. What if your bird is afraid of the sound of the clicker?

4. What if your bird is ...

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A Bird Tricks Success Story: Meet Spike the Galah!

I am loving this new series we have begun on sharing people’s success stories with the Bird Tricks’ training program. It is incredibly uplifting and inspiring to hear about more and more people realizing that having a bird is so much more than just something pretty in a cage to add to their household décor. This next story is particularly near to my heart as it’s a great example of my fervent belief that no matter what the start your bird has had in this life, no bird is untrainable – every bird deserves the opportunity to live an enriched ...


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A Bird Tricks Success Story: Meet Kiki the Conure!

I am very excited to share with you our first Bird Tricks success story in this series. I really love this story because it is a great example that even in a “perfect” situation, problems will inevitably arise in raising a parrot over its lifetime and we need to be both willing and prepared as caregivers to meet the challenges as they come.


Kiki, the Green Cheek Conure

Samina Ansari ...


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Introducing Bird Tricks Fan and Blogger Chrissann Nickel and Her 3 Toco Toucans!

Hi, my name is Chrissann Nickel, also known as “The Toucan Lady” from Adventures in Toucanland. I’ve been a big Bird Tricks fan for about a year now, shortly after I adopted my three adult Toco toucans – Paco, Paz, and Pepe (otherwise known as the “Three-Cans”) in June 2011.

I am really excited about this new blog series we are beginning, sharing the successes of others who have overcome behavioral problems using the Bird Tricks training program. I ...

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Negative Reinforcement Is Not Evil

rosebreasted cockatoos

Positive reinforcement: the addition of something in a bird’s environment that increases the likelihood that a behavior will be repeated.

Negative reinforcement: the deletion of something in the environment that increases the likelihood that a behavior will be repeated.

That’s all – there are no implications of good or bad, right or wrong. One does not mean reward and the other punishment.


Your bird performs a trick or task. Upon completion, you immediately click, and then deliver a favorite treat. Positive reinforcement. You have added food to the bird’s environment. Your ...

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