A Diagnosis of Psittacosis in a Blue and Gold Macaw

Fid enjoying some cotoneaster berries.

Ever heard the saying that if something seems too good to be true then it probably is? I think that’s what was bugging me about my Blue & Gold Macaw, Fid. I found myself with this beautifully good-natured creature that just seemed so perfect. I kept waiting for bad health news or for something to go wrong.

I put Fid through every screening test that my vet could think of; just to ...



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Update from Training in the Bahamas

Blue and Gold Macaws

Dave and I have been in the Bahamas now for 4 days and so far we’ve got both Jersey and Chayko spinning on command and touch training really well. Here on the island, they really want them to be content hanging out on a foraging tree in the beach area so people can enjoy seeing them and hearing them practice talking. And yesterday they stayed there for an hour and a half happily! Above is me working with Cathy Daly, the main person who ...

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