Parrot Tricks "Head Shake NO!" (How To)

If you're interested in bettering your relationship with your bird, trick training is an ideal method to do so! Check out my elite trick training course, it's shows how to train a bird with UNTRAINED birds learning for the first time ever. The more tricks you teach, the easier your bird learns. In the above video you will see me teaching my b...
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The majestic macaw Without a doubt, the macaw is one of the most beautiful animals to inhabit our planet. From the striking blue of the hyacinth, to the vibrant red of the scarlet, to the rich green of the military, they bring to us nearly every color of the rainbow.Who wouldn’t want to share their life with a creature so stunning it makes yo...
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Blue Throat Macaw vs. Blue and Gold Macaw

Blue throated macaws

There’s been a lot of confusion lately between our blue throated macaw, Jinx, and what people assume is a blue and gold macaw. So I decided I’d write this on their differences!

The above picture is of two blue throated macaws; Bonnie and Jinx. Below is a blue and gold macaw, named Jersey.

Blue and Gold Macaw

The main distinguishing marks are plumage differences as well as size differences. Some consider blue throated macaws as a type of “mini ...

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