Parrot Tricks "Head Shake NO!" (How To)

If you're interested in bettering your relationship with your bird, trick training is an ideal method to do so! Check out my elite trick training course, it's shows how to train a bird with UNTRAINED birds learning for the first time ever. The more tricks you teach, the easier your bird learns.

In the above video you will see me teaching my blue throated macaw, Jinx, for the first time how to shake his head no.

To my full surprise, he taught my friend Patty's camelot macaw, Morgan to do the same! Check it out, observational learning at its finest!

This is not the first time I've used observational learning to teach multiple birds the same behavior - Bandit, my male galah, learned the "rock out" from watching our female galah, Bondi. We've used this numerous times with flight and target training as well.

It is a very great and powerful tool!

Now I've taught my female galah the head nod (the "yes") which is opposite of this! That one, in my opinion, is way cuter, but there's no reason you can't teach both! Have fun and put natural behaviors on cue, too. Those are really working with nature.

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Sheikh Shaheb

Hey, Jamieleigh This is Sheikh Shaheb. I am a big fan of you. Your every video inspire ma! I am also crazy about birds. Spatially macaw parrot. I know that I am not a big person like you but if you want you can visit my site.

Sheikh Shaheb

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