Do You Cover Your Bird’s Cage at Night?

White Budgie

When I first came to live in Orlando, the first month was spent sharing Jamie and Dave’s house with their 11 birds and my flock of 5.  I tried my best to integrate into their lifestyle and could only hope for cooperation from my flock. It was easier for them to make many of the changes because they were the out of their element in someone else’s home.
When the Womachs are not working, their birds follow a natural daylight schedule, going to bed at sunset and rising with ...

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Want a Family Friendly Parrot?

We've finally brought our in home consult information to the majority. Now you can have us in your home, in an easy to learn format that will teach every member of your household how to create a family friendly parrot! And because we're notorious for our blooper reels, we had to include that, too! The Family Friendly Parrot Formula is avail...
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Parrot Tricks "Head Shake NO!" (How To)

If you're interested in bettering your relationship with your bird, trick training is an ideal method to do so! Check out my elite trick training course, it's shows how to train a bird with UNTRAINED birds learning for the first time ever. The more tricks you teach, the easier your bird learns. In the above video you will see me teaching my b...
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Different from the rest Not so very long ago, avian researchers thought that the male and female eclectus parrots were two entirely different species of parrot. That’s not surprising since they look completely different from each other: the male being predominantly florescent green and the female bright red and blue. They are one of very few co...
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African Grey Parrots

The African grey parrot is one of the most commonly kept large parrots in homes throughout the world. They may lack the brilliant coloring of their macaw cousins, but they more than make up for it with their staggering verbal abilities. This makes them a very popular species. The average African grey’s extensive vocabulary demonstrates the inte...
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