A Bird’s 5 Senses

Have you ever wondered how your parrot’s sense of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing compare to your own?


A bird’s eyesight is the most important of its senses to its survival.  Our bird’s vision, while not as acute as that of raptors, is vastly superior to our own and is adapted to the survival needs of parrots.

Predatory birds, such as the eagle, the owl or the hawk, have wider skulls allowing for forward facing placement of their eyes.  This positioning gives them heightened depth perception which allows them to judge the distance and speed ...

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Cressi the African Grey Parrot Joins Illuscination!

Congo African Grey Parrot

Ever since touring on the road Dave and I have worked hard to get more and more of our birds into the show that didn’t start out in it when we opened. The mental stimulation, constant interaction and quality time they get out of being in the show is unbeatable and we want them all to experience it. We also want to be able to give our birds days off, even when we don’t have the day off from the show ourselves.

Our social butterfly, er, I mean, ...

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Comparing Our Parrots With Children

Blue and Gold Macaws

It is frequently said that a parrot has the emotional capacity of a two year old and the problem solving capabilities of a 5 or 6 year old.  I have drawn the comparison between my parrots and children many times.   It’s hard not to do when they play with toys, throw tantrums, and look to you for their care and comfort.  There are many similarities, but I think there is a place when the line should be drawn.

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