Want a Family Friendly Parrot?

We've finally brought our in home consult information to the majority. Now you can have us in your home, in an easy to learn format that will teach every member of your household how to create a family friendly parrot!

And because we're notorious for our blooper reels, we had to include that, too!

The Family Friendly Parrot Formula is available for instant download here. When people understand the training quadrant it really helps for us to consult even further because you have the basic foundation/understanding of how behavior is modified.

This is a must watch for EVERY member of the family!


Jenny taylor

I would love to adopt a beautiful bird to care for how do I go about that

Jenny taylor
Tricia  Bartolucci

I can’t find where to sign up for the new online training course that I heard you describe in a video. Ive come to your site several times thinking I’d find it but didn’t. I know this isn’t where it is but I’m hoping you’ll get this message and email me the place to sign up. Thanx

Tricia Bartolucci

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