Proper Caging For Parrots

Selecting and properly accessorizing your parrot’s cage is one of the most important things you will do for your new companion. The cage is your parrot’s home. It should be a place that offers both entertainment and a sense of security to your bird and should give you peace of mind knowing that your bird is safe when inside. A good quality cage ...
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Selecting The Proper Indoor Parrot Cage

Male eclectus parrot (Pepi)

Have you ever blown an entire week’s wage on a new indoor cage for your parrot and then discovered that it sucks? I challenge anyone who has done that to refrain from complaining about it!
About 6 months ago, that’s exactly what happened to me. I decided to ‘upgrade’ my male eclectus parrot’s cage. Stainless steel cages aren’t readily available in Australia, so his old cage was a powder coated one. Unfortunately, they ...


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Arriving in Florida With My Flock of 5 Birds

Me with Bondi, Theo and Libby

Galah, Goffin Cockatoo, Quaker Parrot

The move went fairly…smoothly.  There was a last minute change in the date we were to leave which created a bit of chaos for us all, and by us all I mean me.  The six days I thought I had left to finish my packing was shortened to two.  I managed to get most of it done, but I rushed through so much of it that I don’t remember which box contains what.

When they first arrived at my place with the ...

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