Perhaps the most notable personality trait found in a caique (pronounced: ki-eek) is their playfulness. This is a parrot that doesn’t think twice about rolling onto its back to wrestle with a foot toy, or swing wildly back and forth from the roof of its cage dangling by a single toe. Their colorful plumage is reminiscent of a circus clown – wh...
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Why Social Dominance Theory Does Not Apply To Flocks

Ptak and Maverick's Arrival 043

Aggressive Senegal Parrot

Dogs and parrots are very different creatures, but as humans, we often try to draw comparisons to their behaviour. Canines being a creature that most everyone has had experience with, a lot of owners will try to draw connections.

For instance: The theory of height dominance. The idea is that birds move up high to try and ‘one-up’ their people.

First, let’s look at a parrot’s motivation for climbing up out of reach. A bird ...

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