What is the Role of a "Clicker"?

What is a training clicker? A training clicker is a little box, so to speak, that makes a loud click! noise when pressed.  What do you use it for? The clicker is used to mark the EXACT moment when the animal you're training does a behavior you want to see repeated. The click sound is followed up with the animal's favorite treat, and is a form o...
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BTT: Your Go-To on Troubleshooting Clicker Training & Target Training Problems

Told ya I wouldn’t be the screen capture this week!

This video was inspired by the loss of our best Spreecast video we had ever made, and we answered soooo many issues people were having regarding hurdles they couldn’t jump over with clicker training and target training. So here it is, to stay this time!

We answer things like:

1. What if your bird is too distracted to train?

2. What if your bird flies off when you want to train it?

3. What if your bird is afraid of the sound of the clicker?

4. What if your bird is ...

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