Cooking For Parrots

If you ever wanted to SEE some of the recipes included in our 3 book Cookbook set, here is your teaser!  This is a complete guide on Parrot Nutrition. We teach you how through a healthy diet you can prevent and remedy disease, improve your bird's behavior, avoid nutritional deficiencies, save money on vet bills and save $ on pelleted diets. Thi...
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Are Human Snack Foods REALLY Bad For Birds?

Camelot macaw

Q: I was on another bird site and someone said that potato chips were toxic to birds. I have given chips to my african grey many times and he has never gotten sick. He loves chips and I don’t want to have to take them away from him unless they really are bad for him. Are they safe or not?

-Michelle B., St. Petersburg, FL

A: There is a big difference between something being toxic and being bad for ...


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Is The BirdTricks Natural Feeding Program For Everyone?

Rosebreasted Cockatoo/Galah (You can give them all the 'food' you want - they'll still destroy your office!!!!)


In the last couple of weeks my personal facebook messages and email inbox have gone nuts and I admit to having missed messages, notifications and yeah I’ve been kind of in my own world after the death of my dog so when I have replied I’m not overly sure how coherent I’ve been! Birdtricks followers have been particularly supportive of me lately ...


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