Cooking For Parrots

If you ever wanted to SEE some of the recipes included in our 3 book Cookbook set, here is your teaser! 

This is a complete guide on Parrot Nutrition.

We teach you how through a healthy diet you can prevent and remedy disease, improve your bird's behavior, avoid nutritional deficiencies, save money on vet bills and save $ on pelleted diets.

This set includes:

  • Cooking For Parrots (our main cookbook that includes 73 recipes to help convert your picky eating parrot into a healthy eater, + our seasonal feeding system recipes!) 
  • Healthy Holidays (our holiday cookbook with fun holiday themed recipes) 
  • Sharing the Table With Your Bird (recipes you can make for yourself and not feel guilty sharing with your parrot) 
  • What to feed your bird when you don't have time to cook
  • How often to provide specific foods to your bird (eggs, fish, fruit, veggies, legumes and grains)
  • Preferred cooking methods for parrots
  • Safe, unsafe and "to serve with caution" food lists
  • Nutritional loss explained and understood 
  • Foraging, Freezing and Sprouting 
  • The BirdTricks Diet; a seasonal feeding system that ensures complete nutrition for your bird every day, year round

Through The Womachs' creative use of natural flavor, texture, shapes and colors in food preparation, pet birds can take large steps towards optimizing and diversifying their diet with new healthy foods. This book provides exceptional tools for any bird owner wishing to extend their pet's life through good nutrition.

-Paul Stewart, DVM 

Our FAQ covers topics like grain/sprout/veggie/legume and pasta substitutions, how to convert temperatures and measurements into methods used in your country, how often to feed the BT Diet, how to find the correct amount of uncooked grains for cooked grains, what portions are appropriate to feed your species of parrot and how to freeze (and what amount to freeze) for your bird's daily meals. 

These recipes were "taste tested" by our very own budgies, cockatiels, quaker parrot, African grey parrot, cockatoos, and macaws to demonstrate that they can be adapted to any size parrot; smallest to largest. 

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I have 2 parakeets and was wondering if the parrot cookbook is the same cookbook I should purchase for them?

Nikki Azadi

my Green Cheek conure is not completely weaned yet. He does eat a little on his own ( pellets, veggies, and seeds for treat). Can the system use for birds that are not weaned yet? Or do you have something separate?

Nikki Azadi
Pamela Slusser

Just getting started I’m excited

Pamela Slusser
Emilie (Lee) Geoffrion

I have two Amazons a orange wing I’ve had almost 40 years and a double blue front that I’ve only maybe 20 yrs. A friend sent me your 3 cookbooks video, the one you made when you received a letter from Steven his gray passed at the age of three. you talked about three cookbooks I’m wondering how do I get just those three. I saw on your website a 5 book package. I’m just interested in the cook books my birds think that when you go into the kitchen you’re cooking for them (like most spoiled birds do). I do have special bowls and plates for them But I’d like to find some new foods to give them so they don’t eat all mine. I’m always looking for new treats at the bird store a new toys to keep them occupied I would like to try that stuff shells although I’ll end up picking it up because well Amazons throw for distance before they eat it. Lol Thank you I look forward to hearing from you Emilie

Emilie (Lee) Geoffrion
Ashley Lee

Can it be downloaded on more than one device at once?

Ashley Lee
Muhammad Shaukat Pervaiz

I am a beginner of African Grey parrots and just purchase two baby bird . I need complete diet guide line

Muhammad Shaukat Pervaiz

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