Diet + Nutrition

Did you know that the most common companion parrot illnesses are related to poor nutrition? Liver and kidney diseases (brought on by vitamin and mineral deficiencies) and obesity and heart disease (brought on by diets too high in fat and calories) are vastly responsible for the premature deaths of countless pet parrots. It is sad to think about...
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Cooking For Parrots

If you ever wanted to SEE some of the recipes included in our 3 book Cookbook set, here is your teaser!  This is a complete guide on Parrot Nutrition. We teach you how through a healthy diet you can prevent and remedy disease, improve your bird's behavior, avoid nutritional deficiencies, save money on vet bills and save $ on pelleted diets. Thi...
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Gardening for Parrots and People: Ten Easy and Nutritious Foods to Grow for Your Flock


My Senegal Parrot helping my garden

Gardening for parrots is not the nightmare you might imagine, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t have a green thumb! Now that spring is here, it is the perfect time to start planting for you and your flock — or to begin planning for the summer. Start small. Anyone with a garden or little patch of grass can grow their own produce, and doing so is a great way to save money. Feeding your flock is, after ...

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How To Take Doubt Out Of The Parrot Diet

Camelot macaw

Birds have been around for millions of years, long before the human race was a twinkle in the eye of evolution. Since the very first their species made an appearance on this planet, the world has undergone many changes that presented numerous challenges to overcome. Their longevity can be attributed to an intense survival instinct, part of which is a well-developed understanding of the need for proper diet. After all, a weak parrot cannot outrun a predator – or survive an ice age. They have always known what to ...


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The Truth About Oxalic Acid In The Parrot Diet

photo from

A friend directed me to a comment on another bird site that revealed some serious misinformation regarding oxalic acid. One of the posters listed off all of the vegetables she discovered that contained oxalic acid and recommended that they be discontinued in the diets of everyone’s birds based on concerns that have been circulating for years now. Oxalic acid is a term that is on the lips of many parrot owners and it appears to be only slightly less concerning to them than battery acid. So, let’s get ...


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