Cooking For Parrots

If you ever wanted to SEE some of the recipes included in our 3 book Cookbook set, here is your teaser!  This is a complete guide on Parrot Nutrition. We teach you how through a healthy diet you can prevent and remedy disease, improve your bird's behavior, avoid nutritional deficiencies, save money on vet bills and save $ on pelleted diets. Thi...
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Are Human Snack Foods REALLY Bad For Birds?

Camelot macaw

Q: I was on another bird site and someone said that potato chips were toxic to birds. I have given chips to my african grey many times and he has never gotten sick. He loves chips and I don’t want to have to take them away from him unless they really are bad for him. Are they safe or not?

-Michelle B., St. Petersburg, FL

A: There is a big difference between something being toxic and being bad for ...


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The only times I find myself getting annoyed with another bird owner is when I offer them advice and they immediately shoot it down: “you’ll have to come up with something different – my bird will NEVER go for that”. They insist on using words like “stubborn” or “scared” or “disinterested” to describe their birds. I find that these words often also describe them.

In contrast, my favorite owners are the ones who not only accept the advice they receive but also modify it to suit their ...


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The Role That Carbohydrates Play In The Parrot Diet

Greenwing macaw

As usual, there are a lot of conflicting opinions bouncing around in the avian community. One that has been troubling me for a while is with relation to carbohydrates in the parrot diet. One person or site will say: “Down with carbohydrates! They turn to sugar in the blood stream! They are bad for birds!” Someone else will brag about the “healthy bowlful of grains” their bird had for breakfast.

Both are right, yet both are wrong at the same time. Yes. Carbs do turn increase blood sugar levels. But ...


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Help! I Don’t Have An Avian Veterinarian!

Dr. Brian Speer photo from

Q: The closest avian veterinarian is three hours away! What should I do if my parrot gets sick?
Brandi V, Chattanooga, TN

 Why an “avian” veterinarian?

A: There is a very good reason for all the fuss about avian veterinarians. Dogs, cats and other mammals have physiology that is entirely different than that of birds. There are diseases which confront only avian species and the medications for an illness must be geared specifically toward the treatment of birds.

Even the most routine examination of a parrot requires proper ...

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Is The BirdTricks Natural Feeding Program For Everyone?

Rosebreasted Cockatoo/Galah (You can give them all the 'food' you want - they'll still destroy your office!!!!)


In the last couple of weeks my personal facebook messages and email inbox have gone nuts and I admit to having missed messages, notifications and yeah I’ve been kind of in my own world after the death of my dog so when I have replied I’m not overly sure how coherent I’ve been! Birdtricks followers have been particularly supportive of me lately ...


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