Transforming ANY Parrot Toy Into One Your Bird WILL Play With

  Our parrot toys are designed and selected to be transformed into food finding toys, encouraging play and utter destruction!  Playing with toys is a great way to keep your pet bird healthy: Breaking wood and other textures contained in our toys helps keep nails and beaks trimmed naturally  A busy parrot is a happy parrot - birds should be abl...
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Learning How to Forage

In the morning I walked in to say hello to Storm and saw one of his foraging toys (aka food finding toys) opened! I was so excited because it meant he did it all by himself and figured out how to forage for the first time… ever!

I decided since Storm was eating well at our house that I would take his food out of his cage for 24 hours and see if it would encourage him to use some of his foraging toys. Now, in the wild, there’s plenty ...

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Food-Finding Parrot Toy Examples

The parrot toys you see below are examples of how you can use the natural parrot toys that we provide to our clients as Food Finding Toys or foraging toys.

Here’s what I want you to notice in the pictures below...

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