Transforming ANY Parrot Toy Into One Your Bird WILL Play With


Our parrot toys are designed and selected to be transformed into food finding toys, encouraging play and utter destruction! 

Playing with toys is a great way to keep your pet bird healthy:

  • Breaking wood and other textures contained in our toys helps keep nails and beaks trimmed naturally 
  • A busy parrot is a happy parrot - birds should be able to self entertain without needing the attention of their humans constantly 
  • Actively "figuring out" how to de-construct toys engaged your bird's brain keeping it active and therefore healthy 
  • Being able to destroy and play with a variety of toys gives your bird confidence 

Some more tips I didn't mention in the video are:

Tip #1: For large toys with big, open spaces (like in coconuts or in our huge giraffes) you can make the foraging harder by wrapping goodies in tissue, paper, etc and stuffing those tissues inside the large openings. Your bird will learn to pick apart every little thing looking for goodies; taking more time! (A busy parrot is a quiet parrot...) 

Tip #2: Bundle toys together to make it more challenging to get to the good spots! They will have to use their feet to separate toys and find more creative ways to isolate their target! More brain power = quieter moments for you! 

Tip #3: If you have the time to devote (you can even do so ahead of time) you can have your parrot forage for its entire evening meal of pellets every night! This is a great way to feed your bird! In studies they've found animals prefer to WORK for their food rather than just be given it. Trust me, you'll be doing your bird a favor. 

If this all seems even too advanced for your bird, try very basic foraging for beginners explained and shown here:

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