Transforming ANY Parrot Toy Into One Your Bird WILL Play With

  Our parrot toys are designed and selected to be transformed into food finding toys, encouraging play and utter destruction!  Playing with toys is a great way to keep your pet bird healthy: Breaking wood and other textures contained in our toys helps keep nails and beaks trimmed naturally  A busy parrot is a happy parrot - birds should be abl...
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Keeping A Parrot Out Of Trouble When It’s Out Of Its Cage


Isn't it sweet how he lies his head on my shoulder? A deceptive picture - he's looking straight down my top to check out what bra I'm wearing...

“I’m sorry I’m late for class, but my parrot broke my bra,” I said to my lecturer as I slipped into a laboratory class 10 mins late. Naturally, this happened when the entire class was listening to the lecturer so suddenly hundreds of students were staring at my chest, trying to see through my top for ...


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Helping A Bird That Won’t Interact With Anyone Or Anything

Morgy checking cracks

Morgy foraging on her zombie playstand.


In my last post, I mentioned that my Galah/Rosebreasted Cockatoo had suffered from something I called “learned helplessness”. I said how happy I was that she had taken possession of my new parrot stand because that’s a big deal when you have a bird like Morgy. A few people pounced on that and sent me questions saying that their birds also don’t play and should they be worried about that? How do ...

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