How to Care for a Green Wing Macaw

Green Wing Macaws are magnificent birds. They have spectacular plumage and a personality to match. They are often mistaken for the Scarlet Macaw. However, the Scarlet has yellow on the wings where the Green Wing has, well, green. They are social and intelligent. Green Wing Macaw Parrot Diet Proper care includes a nutritious diet made up of fres...
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Less Common Fruits And Vegetables That You Can Feed Your Birds


When I wrote a blog post on cleaning tips, I mentioned the incredible staining ability of a red Dragonfruit. A few people commented wanting to know what a Dragonfruit was. I could relate to those questions as I could remember a time when I had no idea either. The questions have inspired me to share some of the weirder things that end up in my birds’ food bowls.

My favourite vegetable shopping experience was when a cash register ...


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Can I Serve Dried Fruit Instead of Fresh?

My severe macaw won’t touch fresh fruit.  Can I give him dried fruit? -Lonia G.,   Boston, MA

Dried fruits have a lot of advantages.  It lasts a long time, it is an easy snack if you are traveling and because there are no bacteria harboring juices, it works great in foraging toys and stays fresh in the cage all day. There are, however, some things you should be aware of.

When fruits are dehydrated, the process shrinks them to a fraction of their original size.  The concentration of sugar becomes very high and because they ...

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Fresh vs. Frozen vs. Canned Veggies and Fruits

Q:  With the economic times being as they are, we can’t afford organic veggies.  Is it okay to serve our birds regular produce?

A:  Times are tough.  We are all tightening our belts and following our budgets to the letter.  When it comes to our bird’s diets, it’s important that we do the very best we can, everyday.  The most important thing is that we keep the veggies coming, in whatever form is the most affordable and practical for our budget.

Organic veggies and fruits do have a lot to offer: ...

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