How to Care for a Green Wing Macaw

Green Wing Macaws are magnificent birds.

They have spectacular plumage and a personality to match. They are often mistaken for the Scarlet Macaw. However, the Scarlet has yellow on the wings where the Green Wing has, well, green. They are social and intelligent.

Green Wing Macaw Parrot Diet

Proper care includes a nutritious diet made up of fresh foods, quality sleep (12 uninterrupted hours), and an environment allowing them to thrive.

In order to live their long life in optimal health, it's important to make diet a number one priority. We recommend an all-natural parrot food like the one below, with optimal ingredients. These are cold pressed pellets and make a great nightly meal. Pellets will be supplemented with a fresh morning diet.

All-Natural Parrot Pellets.

We wouldn't feed our birds anything else!

When feeding fresh foods to Green Wings, try to offer a variety. Green and orange vegetables are great. Offer them in a variety of forms; cooked and raw, pureed and chopped. Mixed vegetables are great too.

Fruits can be offered in moderation (like any treat food) taking care to remove seeds. It is optimal to feed your macaw organic when possible; free of pesticides. If organic isn’t available or isn’t in your budget, thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables before feeding.

Green Wing’s love to munch on seeds and nuts, however, these yummy treats have a high-fat content so make sure to reserve them as treats and rewards. This will give your bird the best of both worlds; a healthy diet and treats from you for positive behavior.

Quality sleep is important for Green Wing Macaws. Without it they are prone to grumpiness (aren't we all?!). I’m pretty sure you’d prefer to avoid a grumpy Macaw, especially one this large. To ensure quality sleep, make sure your bird is able to sleep in a dark, quiet place. That may mean you have to cover or move their cage at night. Some owners prefer to have a sleeper cage in another setting away from the chaos of the home, or TV being left on.

Green Wing Macaw Parrot Cages:

With any bird, the bigger the cage, the better! This allows your bird to get more exercise.

What cage material to buy?

A stainless steel cage is the best and it will last a lifetime. Powder coated steel is another option - just try to avoid any type of flaking or take care to notice if your bird is trying to chew on the bars. (Toys, toys, toys make great distractions!)

Need more help in the cage selection department? Check out our proper caging page.

Good care doesn’t stop there. Time out of the cage is a happy time for the social and loving Greenwing. Whether you’re playing, hanging out, or training, Green Wing Macaws thrive on interacting!

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