How to Care for a Green Wing Macaw

Green Wing Macaws are magnificent birds. They have spectacular plumage and a personality to match. They are often mistaken for the Scarlet Macaw. However, the Scarlet has yellow on the wings where the Green Wing has, well, green. They are social and intelligent. Green Wing Macaw Parrot Diet Proper care includes a nutritious diet made up of fres...
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Visiting Healesville Sanctuary’s Native Australian Birds

Red-tailed Black Cockatoos

I did the tourist thing on the weekend. I live in Melbourne (Australia) and was entertaining an interstate visitor over the weekend. My friend just happens to be another bird person – so we thought it might be fun to have a look at Healesville Sanctuary while he was here.

Healesville Sanctuary is unusual because it focuses on Australian natives. They have some really worthwhile conservation campaigns and breeding programs. This is a fantastic place to visit ...


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Linus’ Vacation

Q: What is loud, destructive, high maintenance and totally missed?

 – Patty J., Orlando, FL

A: Linus the umbrella cockatoo.

People have been asking how Linus is doing in New Mexico. It’s hard for me to write about it because I think the only way I get through this is by not thinking about it – or trying not to. I am grateful to so completely trust the person taking care of Linus that I never have to worry for his physical well being. That fact is ...

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