Linus’ Vacation

Q: What is loud, destructive, high maintenance and totally missed?

 – Patty J., Orlando, FL

A: Linus the umbrella cockatoo.

People have been asking how Linus is doing in New Mexico. It’s hard for me to write about it because I think the only way I get through this is by not thinking about it – or trying not to. I am grateful to so completely trust the person taking care of Linus that I never have to worry for his physical well being. That fact is ...

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My Brilliant Bird

In the last 15 or 20 years, scientists came to the conclusion that birds are intelligent. More recently, they have considered avian intelligence to be in line with that of the primates. Of course, we bird enthusiasts...

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3 Phrases Your Parrot Should Understand

Camelot Macaw

There are three phrases that I teach all of my parrots when they first come to live with me.  None of them are meant to be repeated by them (although sometimes they are), I only wish for the words to be understood. They are in place mainly for the sake of convenience when I require patience, cooperation or understanding from my birds in certain circumstances.

I don’t know what causes a parrot to be patient one day and intolerant the next.  Sometimes when I am preparing ...

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Picking Your Battles With Your Bird

A while back, a friend and I were talking about some of the behavioral oddities of my umbrella cockatoo, Linus. I call them Linusisms. I was explaining to her that he has this thing about me sitting on the floor. He doesn’t like it. If he is out of his cage when I’m on the floor, he will always make his way over to me, usually thinking evil thoughts. She asked me how I handled this, and I told her...

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