Using Australian Native Foliage and Branches in Your Aviaries

Short-billed Corella enjoying Eucalyptus nuts.


It was like Christmas for my birds at my place last week. It was what I fondly refer to as “Psychotic branch week”. It’s usually an annual event, although sometimes it happens twice a year. It’s not planned (I wish it was) and it isn’t consistently at the same time of year.


It’s not general knowledge but it is actually illegal to take branches and foliage from trees that are on public property ...


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Learning How to Forage

In the morning I walked in to say hello to Storm and saw one of his foraging toys (aka food finding toys) opened! I was so excited because it meant he did it all by himself and figured out how to forage for the first time… ever!

I decided since Storm was eating well at our house that I would take his food out of his cage for 24 hours and see if it would encourage him to use some of his foraging toys. Now, in the wild, there’s plenty ...

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