Why BirdTricks Offers The Best Toys For Your Birds!

Think about being a parrot for a minute… You are stuck in a room the size of a small bedroom for about ten hours a day waiting for your people to come home from work to let you out. All you have to entertain yourself with is what’s in there, most of which you played with yesterday, and the day before that. You go over to the food dish and take a couple of nibbles, you’re not really hungry, but there isn’t much else new and exciting to do. Maybe chew a couple of new holes in the cage cover. Maybe scream at the squirrel on the fence for a while. Hopefully the neighbor’s kids will come out to play so you’ll have something to watch. Doesn’t sound like a fun life, does it?

The toys that we provide in our parrot’s cage have to carry them through the large majority of the day. We need to choose them carefully. Boredom leads to depression which can lead to feather destruction and other behavioral issues. Not to mention that it is just unthinkable to leave a bird, the very symbol of freedom, in a cage to stare at the wall for hours and hours.

So ask yourself this question: If my bird were wild, what would he be doing with his day while I’m away at work? He would be foraging for his food, building or maintaining a nest,  and playing.  It only makes sense that we should offer those same opportunities to our captive companions.

Food finding takes up the majority of a wild bird’s day. Foraging toys will provide hours of physical and mental stimulation in a way that is natural for a bird, the trip to the food bowl…not so much.

Nest building requires nesting materials that a wild bird will work tirelessly to find and break down to just the right size and consistency. Pieces of wood and plant parts are arranged just so to make the perfect nest or tree cavity for the family. Choose a wood or shreddable toy.

Like other intelligent species, birds, young and old, enjoy playtime. Like human children, young birds benefit and grow from play. It teaches them social skills, and they learn about their physical capabilities and limitations. This is also the time when they get a lot of exercise and expend excess energy. Try a climbing net!

Understanding the basic nature of birds, BirdTricks put their heads together and came up with a great line of bird toys geared toward these needs and instincts. The toys are all natural, and made from 100% bird safe materials and free of any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Each toy has been thoughtfully hand selected by BirdTricks staff members and has received the ultimate seal of approval from our own flocks.

Pet retailers offer a variety of toys in their bird sections, some are good, others are not.
All of them have been mauled by many bird owners investigating their quality, raising the possibility of contamination. You can never be absolutely certain that they are safe in construction and made from bird safe materials when you purchase from a big chain retailer. The toys you get from BirdTricks are the very same toys we all give to our own birds. These are the ones you want to give to yours.

Be sure to check out the Parrot Toys By Mail offer where BirdTricks will send you different toys monthly at a low price!

Patty Jourgensen specializes in avian health, behavior and nutrition and has been working with and caring for rescue birds since 1987.

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